Jane Honovich: Marks to Matrix

September 19 – October 10, 2015

When Jane Honovich retired as a middle school art teacher 12 years ago she decided to embark on a career as a full time painter. She successfully developed a distinctive painting style and was included in the recently published book project “Texas Abstract” by Michael Paglia and Jim Edwards

Honovich uses the calligraphy of the handwritten script and cursive letters of family members or friends as her point of departure to compose her abstract tableaux.

She is intrigued by the personal characteristics of handwriting and its association with an individual person’s image and memory. The letters and script configurations are cut-up, abstracted, reconfigured and integrated into an intricate web of marks and color fields creating symbols of movement and rhythm.

Recently her painting process has become more complex as she is working the wood panels with sanding, wiping them with alcohol, and painting layer upon layer of color washes. The sanding marks left on the surface, intricate color hues and the abstracted script segments connect graphically and symbolically to form a new matrix that expands this artist’s pictorial space. Now the viewer is drawn into a transformative world of landscape segments, geographical strata, plant life or even cellular structures and their molecular scaffolding.

As the artist remarked “Lines connect, lives connect, and memories connect …in myriad ways, perhaps randomly, perhaps not.”