Dixie Friend Gay

Painting is selfish gratification. The solitude and total immersion deepen the satisfaction of stroking colors onto canvas. Painting is the ecstasy of building a relationship through private conversations and then, as the final varnish is applied, a disentanglement from that intimate other. What always follows is the anticipation of the next new liaison that will be better than any before, perfect, pure and so alluring. Perhaps this coming together and letting go is universal to the creative process. Central to the newest series of paintings is the divining of an altered state of consciousness, a celebration of disorientation. The elation of nature distorted through the psyche, twisted by technology, is echoed in the final flicks of paint. In public art, my approach is to fuse the constraints of the space and the needs of the client so seamlessly with my own vision that the resulting project feels as though nothing could have existed alone.