Ryan Geiger

Artist Statement
The abundance of birds in my small, inter-city yard, is the source of inspiration for my work. These birds have become the stars of my surrealist paintings. I have been able to tell my story through them, by drawing comparisons between their struggles and the human condition. For my process, I see the birds as a part of myself. This affects the way I create their expressions and body language. My own origins compel me to choose among the most common birds native to my yard. These birds are combined with imagery resembling garden-variety trees and plants. Yet, upon further inspection, they reveal a subtle metamorphosis of this plant life into mechanical elements or human limbs. I see this garden as a self-created mental landscape. Metaphors are cultivated and mixed, suggesting insight into the way my brain works or how I absorb and categorize life experience. My art also employs many artistic choices inspired by the constant bombardment from the mass media. My ideas are forged by a collective conscience that is nurse-fed by television, religion, the internet, and our fast-paced culture. I like to weave these ideas with images derived from the natural world in an attempt to blur the line between a man-made and a divine-created existence. Depictions of a wide variety of icons provide clues, which all-lead back to my point of view and my evolving allegory.