Daniel Heimbinder

Why would anyone want to walk in a pair of tasseled loafers, when he has the chance to walk in two fish bowls? That important question may or may not have crossed Rube Goldberg’s mind, but it certainly is stirring Daniel Heimbinder’s phantasy. This artist loves a certain irrational complexity in order to amuse himself (and us) and at the same time captivate highly contradictory stylistic universes. He pushes the limits of what is drawable to the point of absurdity, challenging our cliched perceptions. Drawing is reasoning on paper, Saul Steinberg once said. Daniel Heimbinder’s deft draftsmanship lets him think and dream about hybrid worlds where the only logic is that of the “adventurous line” and the only boundaries are the artist’s imagination. Through riddles and visual puns this body of work formulates a pictorial vocabulary of enigmas that speak directly to our emotions. Compared with the utterly strange and counter-intuitive reality of post-Newtonian physics, Daniel Heimbinder’s cosmology looks downright plausible. Besides, I would rather be entangled with his artistic fever dreams, than with a disturbed energy force somewhere out in the universe.