On Walden Pond

Various Artists

Martin Amorous | Joanne Brigham | Tudor Mitroi | Seth Mittag

Thoreau’s classic book, published in 1854, gives an account of his experiences in this Romantic era inspired “back-to-nature” adventure. By leaving “over civilization” behind and by practicing self-sufficiency and simple living in the solitude of Walden Pond, he wanted to gain insights into social order and a peaceful coexistence with nature. As he is free to admit with refreshing sarcasm and irony, it did not quite work out the way he had envisioned it. His skills as a farmer fell woefully short and were it not for the generous support of his friends and family, he would not have made it through the winters. He complained bitterly about a train whistling nearby that disturbed his meditations, but also felt compelled for a daily visit to the nearby town of Concord in order to get the latest news and gossip. Despite all these distractions this period was the most productive of his entire writing career. This exhibition takes the liberty to ask the question, what would a landscape around Walden Pond look like today as seen through the critical eyes of a contemporary artist with a romantic and perhaps ironic bent?