Dump Truck

Artist Statement
We seek to actively engage members of the art community in an open dialogue and collaborative effort to further explore and research that which constitutes art making and a creative life in these United States. We use object making, performance, video, and interviews as strategies to investigate the process of making art, the endeavor of maintaining a creative practice, and the absurdity of contemporary American life. In our studio we treat the practice of art making as a research project not unlike the serious play of childhood and the process by which we learn through mass and popular culture. We see the materials we use as containing cultural information about daily life and our relationship to objects in a programmatic society that often deprives people of the ability to be creative. These materials are prefabricated and universally sized. They are ubiquitous materials found in ubiquitous stores; places like Home Depot, Ikea and hobby or home craft stores. These products consumed in mass are like life-sized model kits that threaten to remove innovation and problem solving from our daily lives. Our entire landscape is slowly becoming derivative and uniform, lackluster and banal. We work to restore the process of creating to reinterpret our lives in order to better understand where we have come from and where we may be going.