Gabriela Trzebinski

Artist Statement
The Final Will and Testimony Drafts began as an attempt to understand complex legal issues of Texas and International Law for the purpose of structuring and executing binding legal documents. In order to make sense of the language and frameworks, I translated the information into visual form, and I used these handmade drafts in discussions with my attorney. I wrote information on post-it notes as modular units that were ordered and reordered during these discussions. As the meetings progressed, the drafts became more embellished, altered and obscured. When the process of working with my attorney was complete, and the will and related documents executed, the drafts remained as visual collateral that contained highly personal and extremely emotional content. My instinct was to protect the information in these drafts. My Estate, The Executors, Medical Power of Attorney, Burial Requests, Wish List, Beneficiaries, and the part formation and then dismantling of a $10 Trust have since been intentionally obscured. With layers of tape as a form of redaction purposefully laid, the Final Will and Testimony Drafts have become, for the most part, undecipherable, and operatively useless as they enter into a field of extraction.